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4 Dog Breeds That Make Great Picks For Your Apartment

You either have an apartment, or you’re about to rent one that allows pets. You want to know what dog breeds are best for people renting apartments.

You are certainly thinking that smaller breeds move to the top of the list, but you might be surprised at what you find. That goes for all characteristics of the different breeds and which dogs best fit into the apartment lifestyle. Here are 4 of the best breeds to consider for your apartment.

Just do yourself a favor, and don’t choose all 7 of them! In all seriousness, you might just end up picking one off of this list.

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One thing about dogs and apartments is that you might want a breed that is not known for shedding. Your dog is going to be inside most of the time with you, and the shedding would keep you constantly cleaning way too much, or living with tons of hair. The Maltese is a very gorgeous dog and is known for not shedding too much. Plus, the Maltese is also a quieter dog as well.

English Bulldog

I told you that you might be surprised about some of the breeds that are on this list. The English Bulldog is a top breed for any situation and one of the most popular dogs out there. Yet you might not have expected to see it on the list for the best dogs to have in apartments. While English Bulldogs can weigh up to 55 pounds, they are still a great choice for your apartment. For starters, they don’t like to move much. They enjoy being a couch potato, and they don’t need a large space. These bulldogs are so cute and so much fun.

Great Dane

Did I go there? I sure did. What about those knicknacks and tight corners? A Great Dane may have made the list, but that doesn’t mean it has to be your choice. Still, you might want to know why the Great Dane is a wonderful recommendation. Great Danes are quiet, and they are easily trained. Not only that, but they are also quite calm and very friendly. The only thing you do have to worry about is the dog’s size, and you will actually find that they are quite acommodating.

Basset Hound

Don’t you just love Basset Hounds? What about this breed gets them on the list? The cute factor is enough alone, just like the English Bulldog. As a matter of fact, the two breeds are a lot alike, similiar in size and personality characteristics. So you can decide whether you want a Basset Hound or and English Bulldog.

There are other top dog breeds that could be on this list, but those 4 are a great place to start. You are certainly going to enjoy picking one out for your apartment. I’ll make my recommendation now so I can leave you with a little advice to go on. If it were me, the cuteness factor is what wins, and the English Bulldog would be in my apartment.